After several competitive rounds of pitching all over India, we’ve finally chosen the top three startups that will represent India in this year’s Asia Hardware Battle!

These startups will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Chengdu, where they will meet and compete with other phenomenal early-stage hardware startups from all over Asia. In order to win, they will have to present in front of a panel of judges that includes venture capitalists from Y Combinator, Plug and Play, LB Investment, Matrix Partners China, Cyber Agent, Softbank Corp, and others.

In total, fifteen startups competed in the India Startup Hunt finals. Here are the top three startups, along with their product pitches:



Chakr’s product, Kaal-Ink, is a device that can absorb almost 81% of particulate matter emitted by diesel engine generators and industrial chimneys. Kaal-Ink is aimed at reducing the detrimental health effects of these emissions, which include bronchitis and premature death. After Kaal-Ink’s concentration of particulates reaches a certain value, the particulates can be separated from Kaal-Ink, renewing the device’s ability to absorb.

Live Braille


Live Braille’s product lets people look at up to 3,000 objects simultaneously in one second, according to the startup. Their product helps blind people navigate public transportation systems, travel alone, cross roads, commute to work, and be productive.



Jugnu is a smart LED bulb that can transfer data through visible light at speeds up to 1GBps. It uses a Li-Fi, which is a wireless communication system that uses light as a medium of transport instead of traditional radio frequencies. This technology can be a good complement to exciting RF technology (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and other RF Systems).

Besides Chakr, Velmenni, and LiveBraille, here are the other twelve startups that competed in the India Startup Hunt finals:


1MoreThing’s I2U2 app and robot chassis converts mobile devices into a moving, navigable, responsive, and video-enabled robot.

NexGear Tech. Pvt. Ltd.

NexGear is a hardware startup based out of Mumbai. Their first product is a wearable, smart adventure camera called Frodo.

BleeTech Innovation Pvt Ltd

Blee is a platform for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Dhama Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a startup that creates temperature-based wearable electronics.

Pert is a simple modular home automation system that can fit into any home without changing the existing wiring.

Smart MCT

Monitra Healthcare’s disease management platform helps physicians treat heart rhythm disorder patients by identifying rhythm abnormalities, monitoring cardiac activity before and after surgery, and assessing the effects of therapeutic drugs on cardiac activity.

Uber Diagnostics Private Limited

Uber Diagnostics provides early diagnosis of heart disease in rural and semi-urban areas.

Thinqbot Technologies Pvt Ltd

Thinqbot builds IoT products for smart homes, such as “IR Blaster,” which can turn a smartphone into a remote control for TVs, air conditioning units, and more.

Cardiac Labs

Caridac Lab’s MIRCaM stands for Mobile Intelligent Remote Cardiac Monitor. The MIRCaM comprehensive suite comprises of a Bodyworn unit, Patient’s Bedside Unit, MIRCaM Doctor’s Terminal and MIRCaM Doctor’s Mobile App.


3ding is a company that offers 3D printing services and sells affordable and easy-to-use 3D printers.

Wii Tronics

Wii Tronics integrates vehicle detection parking sensors with a mobile app to offer users information about parking availability.

Alcochange QS

Cyberliver delivers products and services that focus on preventing liver ailments from causing severe damage.

Update (3/1/2016 23:41): This post was updated to correct the list of judges that will be present at Asia Hardware Battle.

Update (3/2/2016 18:42 ): This post was updated to add product descriptions for the 12 startups that competed in the finals of the India Startup Hunt.

Eva Xiao is a tech reporter based in Shanghai. Contact her at or evawxiao (wechat & twitter).

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