This week we dive into the legal landscape of starting up in China with the man who helped Kai-Fu Lee put together the $500 million U.S. dollar fund, incubator and accelerator, Innovation Works.

Benjamin left California to become an IP lawyer in Beijing in 2006, then post Innovation Works Benjamin joined Cooley LLP in China before recently joining Loeb & Loeb, so he has an incredible amount of experience and knowledge to bring to the podcast.

We discuss the state of IP protection in China given the concerns over getting ‘copied’ when entering China, and what are the most important documents and agreements to focus on at an early stage. We also lightly touch on the state of the corporate law in China today and its history, as well as uncovering terms such as ‘Most Favored Nation’ that seem to pop up regularly in investments documents here in China. An amazing cast with an amazing guest, we hope you enjoy!

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