Arnaud Bonzom

Arnaud Bonzom, the director of corporate innovation from 500 Startups joined us in a conversation on the interesting trend in how major corporations are engaging the startups today. We began with Arnaud’s story from his early days as a trade advisor for the French government to INSEAD and finally to 500 Startups, and what he seek to invest as an angel investor. We dived deep in his report #500Corporations, “How do the World’s Biggest Companies Deal with the Startup Revolution?”. Arnaud discuss the different frameworks and important findings in how multi-national companies are engaging in a variety of ways from US to Asia and how different industries from pharmaceuticals to telecommunications companies utilised different approaches with startups.

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  • Arnaud Bonzom (@arnaudbonzom, LinkedIn, Slideshare), Director of Corporate Innovation @ 500 Startups
  • Story of Arnaud Bonzom
    • How did he get started? [0:57]
    • In his various roles from trade advisor for the French government, assistant director for corporate partnership development to current role in 500 Startups, what are the interesting career lessons learnt? [2:19]
    • Arnaud have also been an angel investor in the Singapore ecosystem, what are his thoughts on the startups that he have invested? [3:02]
      • Healint [3:32]
      • Garuda robotics [4:16]
    • What is the criteria for founders and startups that Arnaud look in to invest as an angel? [5:17]
  • #500Corporations, “How do the World’s Biggest Companies Deal with the Startup Revolution?” with Serguei Netessine, INSEAD (personal site). [6:15]
    • What is the intention of the report?  [6:33]
    • Who is the target audience? [7:27]
    • How do corporations engage startups, and what are the 8 ways which you have discussed in your report? [7:50]
      • Events [8:26]
      • Support Services [8:35]
      • Startup Programs, e.g. Microsoft BizSpark [8:50]
      • Co-Working Spaces e.g. Johnson and Johnson [9:08]
      • Accelerators and Incubators [9:30]
      • Spinoff [9:54]
      • Investment – Corporate Venture Capital [10:15]
      • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) [11:18]
    • In Asia, any specific examples?
      • Telstra with muru-D in Australia and Singapore. [11:55]
      • DBS bank [13:27]
      • Baidu and Toyota in Silicon valley [13:47]
    • What are the essential key findings of the report? [13:54]
      • US is not in the top 5 countries with corporations engaging with startups. [16:05]
      • At least 1 corporation is involved in investment to every unicorn valuation. [17:02]
    • What are the recommendations that the report advise corporations on engaging startups? [18:50]
    • What are the challenges for corporations to work with startups? [19:11]
    • Industry breakdown of Forbes 500 and how they engage startups. [21:25]
      • Pharmaceuticals [22:05]
      • Telecommunications company [23:01]
    • Why Coca Cola invest in Spotify [25:03]

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