Ninety percent of the world’s bikes are manufactured in China, and the country is now pushing to become a design hub of its own.

“China is the center of manufacturing…. [it is now becoming] familiar with building brands and products. We have the technology and good design. It’s also easy to get money in China, so we can go global faster,” SpeedX co-founder and CEO Tony Li told TechNode.

Beijing-based SpeedX’s Leopard bike surpassed its own Kickstarter goal by 46 times, with over $2.3 million USD pledged of a $50,000 USD goal. It also set the record for the most highly-funded bike on Kickstarter’s crowdfunding website.

This year’s China International Bicycle & Motor Fair, held from May 6-9th in Shanghai, showed off some of the innovations driving China’s two-wheeled design push:


SpeedX combines high performance bikes, smart control screens and an apps to monitor and collect the user’s speed, calories, distance, heart rate, cadence data to give advice to the rider, such as when to change gears on a hill.


Guangzhou-based UCC’s bicycle uses Particle Optics Reflective Technology (PORT) to build specialized lights for night time riding.


Japan-based CAT EYE provides cyclo-computers that connect to your phone and let you measure speed, cadence or heart rate. Using the app, riders can map their ride data and share with friends.


South Korea-based COOLRUNBIKE‘s bike gallops like a horse. The rider can adjust the center axis of the wheel to make it to gallop, which has certain health benefits, according to the company, such as spine correction and weight loss.


Hangzhou-based CHIC‘s self balancing scooter series boasts a ‘dynamic balance system’, which won’t allow you to fall down. It will be used in this year’s G20 Summit in Hangzhou and also by the Singapore government in the future.


Shenzhen-based YITONG’s folding electric scooter uses a lithium battery, and aluminum alloy material. This environmentally friendly bike weighs 13kg and retails for 3,580 yuan ($550 USD).


A potential buyer tries the spinning cycles made by Rockies.


Dongguan-based Lehe‘s smart e-scooter makes fordable scooters that can be controlled with a remote key.


Beijing-based BABAALI‘s helmet uses Bluetooth to monitor heart rate and assist in navigation. Priced at $149 USD, riders can also answer the phone using the helmet and listen to music.


Wuxi-based SISPU runs at the max speed of 60km/h, and uses front & rear disc brakes.


A woman is tailor-making a wheel on-site, using Holland Mechnics‘ wheel building machines.

Image Credit: TechNode 2016

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at

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