Arnaud Bonzom from 500 Startups continued our conversation on his two interesting reports (prior to the 500 Corporations report which we discussed earlier) that focus on the Singapore startup ecosystem and funding trends across Asia Pacific. We discussed the key observations and funding dynamics of the Singapore startup ecosystem with the recent focus on fintech and the who’s who from entrepreneurs, investors, major corporations to government agencies. Last but not least, we discussed how funding trends are changing in Asia.

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  • Arnaud Bonzom, Director of Corporate Innovation @ 500 Startups
  • Singapore Startup Ecosystem & Entrepreneur Toolbox Report [1:12]
    • What is the motivation behind building this report? [1:16]
    • Who are the intended audience? [2:12]
    • What are the key observations about the Singapore startup ecosystem? [2:57]
    • What are the funding dynamics and trends in the Singapore startup ecosystem from accelerators to fintech?  [4:00]
    • What are the key observations on the Singapore startups (Sparks, Rising Stars, Stars, Unicorns)? What are the exits? [6:09]
    • Who are the key people you should know in the ecosystem?
    • What are the key events and groups that one should connect to in the Singapore startup ecosystem?
    • What are the incubators and accelerators in Singapore ecosystem? Where do they work out from, for example, co-working spaces?
    • The Singapore government is definitely one of the main stakeholders in the ecosystem. Can you give a comprehensive overview of the ministries, agencies and foundations that they have?
    • How does an entrepreneur within Singapore recruit talent? What are the challenges faced?
    • What are the work permits and passes to allow the individual operate in Singapore?
  • StartintX Index on Asia Pacific Funding Trends
    • What is the motivation behind StartintX?
    • What are the key findings in your first report on Asia Venture Capital?
    • What are the interesting comparisons across China, India and Southeast Asia ecosystem?

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