Bagel, a smart tape measure that can measure, organize, and analyze measurements, is now collecting measurement data for virtual reality. With fifteen days left, Bagel passed its Kickstarter goal by 27 times, with over $829,398 USD pledged of a $30,000 USD goal. 

The CEO of Seoul-based Bagel Labs previously worked as a research engineer at Samsung where he spent a lot of time measuring objects.


“I found that, in the market, there are smart watches, and smart scales, but there isn’t a smart measure. So I decided to build a smart measure on my own,” Mr. Park told TechNode. “The name of ‘Bagel’ comes from our designing plan. I wanted a design that users feel friendly and familiar with. Then it ultimately became our name.”

Bagel, which is priced at $69 USD, allows users to measure objects using three different methods: using string, using the wheel, and using an ultra-sonic sensor. Using the ultrasound method, it can measure distances up to 5 m.

Without having to note the measurements on a paper, user can voice record the measurements, which is later synced to a matching app. Bagel Labs’ patented technology is about voice tagging, and automatically putting measurement on app based on tags. It converts voice data into text, and the application lists all the measurements by tags, based on a timeline. The smart tape can be used for eight hours and can be charged using a micro-USB for Android phones.

While their B2C effort on Kickstarter proved successful, the company sees a bigger market on B2B. Bagel Labs believes that its measuring solution can be adapted to healthcare, fashion, construction, and DIY market.

There is another Korean player called JAEM, providing measuring solution for customers and fashion brands. However, Mr. Park says the company will focus on creating a hardware that can measure things correct, and building a platform where users can save and utilize the measurements.

“We want to focus more on the DIY and interiors market, where people have frequent needs to measure things,” Mr. Park said.

Funded 100 million KRW ($88,000 USD) by FuturePlay in this February, Bagel Labs’ crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will run through August 2nd.

Bagel Labs Team

Going VR

“In the future, we plan to focus on measurement data, rather than the hardware itself,” Mr. Park says.

Gathering the measurement data, Bagel Labs plans to build up a big data platform around length for virtual reality. The South Korean company is now on discussion with various companies that make high definition 3D renderings and visualizations. By providing measurement values for pieces of furniture, the solution will visually render an online 3D floor plan. The 3D floor plan, then will be linked to VR headset, and users will be able to see their floor plan through VR.

South Korea-based company is now working on adding a function that allows a user to take a photo of an object with a phone, and the measurement appears on the image after syncing.

“This future function will contribute greatly to our VR plan,” Mr. Park says.

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