Getting your apps discovered and downloaded is no easy task as the numbers of apps on both iOS and Android platforms are hitting new records.

App store optimization (ASO), which is essentially SEO for mobile apps, is becoming an important step to when it comes to generating traffic to your app.

While ASO tools around the world share similarities in data analysis and data mining features, they vary in how the data is used. Overseas ASO services give priority to keyword selection, keyword recommendation and data analysis, but their Chinese peers focus more on improving app store rankings and providing real-time keywords ranking systems, local industry outlet, ASO Master, pointed out.

Here’s a handy guide of China’s most popular ASO tools (via ASO Master) for app developers who want to improve ranking and visibility in the app store

Ann9 (应用雷达)

Co-founded in 2012 by Luo Feng and Wang Yongchang, Ann9, (or app radar in Chinese), is one of the earliest ASO tools on the Chinese market. It’s among the first to provide a top 1500 ranking and can monitor keyword search dynamics. It attracts users by providing free tools and monetizes through ranking services. Besides ASO services, Ann9 is also developing APP SDK tracking services.

The company monitors the data of more than 2 million apps on the iOS platform and claims to cooperate with over 4,000 apps as of the beginning of this year. It has set up data centers in Beijing, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley.


ASO100 is an ASO platform that provides mobile marketers with a comprehensive data analytics and optimization report. This tool has real-time data, keywords coverage and rankings. It provides Appstore data in numerous regions and can search Android data in China.

Like many of the domestic startups, ASO100 is expanding to overseas markets. It just launched an international mobile promotion data business this July to help Chinese apps expanding overseas.

Ddashi is among the earliest tools to provide iOS and Android monitoring services at the same time. Its featured products include AI competitor analysis and ranking improvement suggestions with a corresponding ASO keyword volume estimate. It’s worth noting that Dashi also offers data services to enterprise information integration platforms.


DeepASO, formerly known as vTool, specializes in offering data analytics services to Chinese app developers who want to expand overseas. It supports ASO data for 21 countries, including popular keyword lists and data searches. The stored keyword may not be 100% accurate; nevertheless, it is a good starting point for your research.


When performing your keyword research, APPBK has keyword extension, extraction and selection features. Its data mining tool is a featured service and helps users to select and learn more keywords you might be missing.

As of June this year, the company claims to collect data from 2 billion apps and provides services to 10,000 registered users of which 100 are paid  developers.  APPBK’s founding team members are from Tencent’s search unit, which has since been acquired by mobile search engine Sogou in 2013.

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