Testin, a leading cloud testing service in China, announced last week that it competed a $30 million USD Series C funding round led by an undisclosed domestic dollar fund.

Founded in 2011, Testin started off as an enterprise mobile app compatibility test business, providing developers statistics on an apps’ performance in installation, operation, functionality, and UI..

As an early player in the field, the company gradually expanded its business to solve all kinds of pain points that developers face during the app development cycle, such as prototype testing, service quality monitoring, app crash analytics, and QA test services.

Testin claims to have run tests for more than 1.8 million apps, providing service to more than 700,000 developers. It has testing centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and the U.S. with 50,000 terminals coving more than 4,500 smart devices categories, the company says.

This round of financing is earmarked for upgrading products and recruiting and expanding to global markets, according to a statement from the company. Testin launched its global expansion initiative in 2014, and the latest round of funding is expected to speed up international expansion in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.

After receiving Series A funding from IDG Capital Partners in 2011, the Beijing-based company raised a B round from IDG and Banyan Capital in 2014 and a B+ round led by Haiyin Venture Partners, with participation from existing investors Banyan and IDG, in 2015. The B Series financing totaled $54.9 million USD, according to local media. The current round is raised at a higher valuation than the previous round, the media noted.

Testin has multiple competitors in different verticals given it’s providing testing services in different app development stages, including Tencent’s Utest for real device-based compatibility test, Fir.im and Pgyer for beta testing.

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