When I saw the advertisement a little over a month ago for the Editor-in-Chief position, I was amazed at my luck. I had been working for a localization company in Beijing for a little over a year after doing radio for almost six. After working a typical 9-5, I slowly realized how unique and special media work is. It is, perhaps, the only profession where curiosity, critical thinking, concern about the world, and idealism come together in such an active and exciting combination.

As I say, I feel very lucky. I’m joining TechNode at an exciting time for the blog, as well as for the startup and technology ecosystem in China.

Started in 2009, TechNode has evolved from a pet passion project into a trusted and respected information outlet, events organizer, and integral part of tech community both inside and outside of China. My predecessor, Cate Cadell, has left the blog better than when she came: her ethics and professionalism can still be felt and we aim to preserve the high standards she set for writing and reporting.

When I first came to China in 2008, the debate was whether China was innovative, with many saying that, as a country and a culture, it was not. Now, with that debate laid to rest, the question turns not to ability or creativity, but to access. Access to information, communication, funding, and markets. We at TechNode want to shed light on the many exciting companies, ideas, and people that China and Asia have to offer, acting as (yes, I know this is cliche) a bridge between those who want to understand more and those who need to be understood.

That being said, we now find ourselves in a much different the digital landscape in China and abroad. TechNode must change and adapt to meet these challenges. Over the coming months and year, we will be introducing changes in both content and structure. Some of these changes may be obvious, others not so obvious. But, they will all serve one purpose: to ensure that TechNode becomes the number one authority on the tech space in China and greater Asia.

So, bookmark our homepage, read us often, and join us on a our next adventure as we explore this new landscape together.


John Artman

Image Credit: Shutterstock

John Artman is the Editor in Chief for TechNode, the leading English information source for news and insight into China’s tech and startups, and co-host of the China Tech Talk podcast, a regular discussion...