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About James Lalonde

  • Co-founded and ran or helped run 3 successful startups all operating today employing over 500 people and growing.
  • Established 212 distribution partnerships and closed 98 OEM contracts with a minimum value of $1 million each.
  • Opened more than 90 offices in foreign countries.
  • Hired and managed over 2,950 employees. Made 5 acquisitions of software and mobile gaming companies.
  • Founded and operated 3 companies, including VC-funded Yodo1 and self-funded yoli.
  • James, reading this sounds like there are 3 of you at the same time. How do you maintain managing this? What are you primarily focused on these days?
  • Yoli is your newest startup, leveraging the Wechat technology. Can you tell us a bit about it and how did you come up with the idea for it?
  • Yodo1 is an app publishing company.  What about it? There is a huge change in regulation especially for game apps in China. How do you cope with it? Has this generated any new opportunities?
  • I saw on your profile that you read 200 books a year. Many people would want to achieve that especially with a number of distractions we’ve got these days. Do you have a set time for it allocated? Or just whenever you are free?
  • How do you find Beijing these days? You hear of many foreigners that are leaving because of pollution and cost of living. Do you still see it as an attractive place?
  • Where do you see there are still opportunities for foreigners opening companies in China?
  • Tell us about two online tools you are using every day and love using.
  • Best 2 books you’ve read recently.
  • What’s the best way to find you online and reach out?

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