This year’s Shanghai International Technology Fair is officially under way. Although bearing Shanghai in its name, the event went well beyond innovations coming from the city or even the country to cover tech breakthroughs from around the globe.

Among a dizzying number of products, electric vehicles and VR/AR won the spotlight among the crowd. Here are the highlights in case you missed it out.


While aerial drones have been in full swing in the past few years, some believe it’s time to explore the underwater world. Shanghai-based Rainbowfish Ocean Technology showcased their latest vessel for oceanic tourism. Its maximum water depth for normal usage is up to 120 meters and the embedded battery can last six hours at a full charge.
Moon is a 3D virtual mobile theater developed by Royole, the manufacture of flexible displays, sensors and VR consumer electronics. The device delivers an immersive 3D watching or gaming experience.


San Fransisco-based startup Kineviz provides customized solutions for data visualization in VR.


Chery shows off its latest electric car EQ1, which is priced at only around RMB 50k (US$7,264)


Fourier demonstrates its X1 lower-limb exoskeleton product at the event.

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Enabled by machine translation, Travis is a portable voice translator that let you instantly communicate in over 80 languages. The product is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.


Developed by Yinlong, this 18 meter- long electric bus that can carry up to 107 people


Is it table tennis? Is it football? Who can tell?

TeqBall is a project backed by Hungarian company Morgan Star Group. It’s similar to table tennis but instead of using a paddle, you play with a soccer ball. While amateur football fans could play it for fun, professionals could use it for training sessions where their moves and gestures will be tracked by an accompanying monitor for data collection and analysis, explained Tony Zhou, executive at the firm.


VeChain is a cloud product management platform built on a blockchain. VeChain focuses on four areas: anti-counterfeiting, supply chain management, asset management and client experiences.

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