Editor’s note: We are very happy to announce the China Tech Talk podcast, a colloboration with ChinaChannel. Every week John and Matthew will discuss the latest trends and happenings in China’s exciting technology ecosystem. At TechNode, we continue to explore new and interesting ways of creating content. Be on the lookout for more in the coming months!

John and Matthew talk about bike sharing. Since the middle of 2016, China’s streets have explosions of yellow, orange, blue, and green as the bike sharing wars take off. Who are the big players? Why is it taking off in China? Will the Chinese government intervene like they have with ride-hailing?



Podcast information

China Tech Talk is a TechNode x ChinaChannel co-production.

John Artman is the Editor in Chief for TechNode, the leading English information source for news and insight into China’s tech and startups, and co-host of the China Tech Talk podcast, a regular discussion...

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