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Rebecca Fannin Is our guest for this episode. She is a Journalist, author and media entrepreneur She is the founder of Silicon Dragon which organizes events and research. Rebecca writes a weekly column about innovation and venture investment trends at Forbes.com

She wrote two books about China; Silicon Dragon and Startup Asia.

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  • Introducing Rebecca
  • How did Silicon Dragon start? How the idea came up?
  • Let’s talk about the startup ecosystem. Thoughts on comparing each ecosystem to Silicon Valley?
  • Are US and Europe somehow behind of everything happening compared to the bustling entrepreneurship in Asia? Are they missing the train or have missed it?
  • Rebecca talking about her impressive network of events all around the world connecting different ecosystems to Asia.
  • Rebecca interviews a lot of interesting people. Who was the person that was most difficult to bring to an event? And which one was the most interesting one to interview?
  • Rebecca recommends two books she read recently.
  • What are two tools she uses every day to make her work better?
  • How can people reach out to Rebecca?

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  • WeChat – ID: rebeccafannin
  • Rebecca’s Facebook page

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