New fundings in China on May 3, 2017

Kunlun Fight (昆仑决), a 4-year-old, Beijing-based sports company specializing in kickboxing promotion, has raised tens of millions of US dollars in Series B+ led by Yirun Venture Capital (亿润创投) and Qianhai M&A Funds (前海梧桐并购基金), with participation from Morningside Venture Capital (晨兴资本) and Northern Light Venture Capital (北极光创投跟投).

BestMedia (百思传媒) , a 5.5-year-old, Beijing-based entertainment marketing firm specializing in integrated marketing and communications for the film and television sector, has raised RMB 20 million in Series A funding led by Realize Investment Consulting (荣正资本), with participation from Daylight Entertainment (正午阳光), Renren Game (人人游戏), Boyue Capital (博约资本) and Guanyi Pictures (贯一影业).

Data Insight Technology (观数科技), a 2-year-old, Beijing-based Hadoop solution provider, has raised RMB 15 million in Series Per-A funding invested by an undisclosed investor.

Tanneng Technology (碳能科技), a 2-year-old, Beijing-based clean energy company that provides technical solutions and services for clean energy projects, has raised RMB 10 million in Series Per-A funding led by Capital Technology Development Group (首都科技发展集团), with participation from China Impact Ventures (中引创投).

Zhaoguanche (找罐车), a 1-month-old, Shanghai-based online dispatching platform for dangerous chemicals logistics, has raised RMB 3.5 million in angel funding from 51Zhaoyou (找油网).

Dianxin Tech (典新科技), a 3-year-old, Beijing-based company that provides rent installment services for offline physical stores, has raised RMB 2.5 million in seed round invested by Phoenix Capital (梧桐理想).

New fundings in China on May 4, 2017

TransWarp (星环科技), a 4-year-old, Shanghai-based big data tech firm specializing in developing database platforms, has raised RMB 235 million in Series C funding, led by Tencent, with participation from Triwise Capital (前海勤智), Stone Venture Capital (基石资本) and Xingrui Zhixin (兴瑞智新).

Slashedon (商理事), a 1-year-old, Shenzhen-based internet business lead provider, has raised RMB 10 million in Series Pre-A funding, led by Sanhexi Capital (三和系资本), with participation from Yuhe Capital (雨和资本)., a 0.5-year-old, Haikou-based third-party virtual gaming goods trading platform, has raised tens of millions of RMB in angel round invested by angel investor Charles Xue (薛蛮子).

Hongliquan (红利圈), a 2.5-year-old, Shenzhen-based P2B internet finance platform focusing on commercial paper factoring of listed companies, has raised RMB 10 million in Series Pre-A funding invested by some senior executives from Tencent and China Merchants Bank.

Baiqishi (白骑士), a 1-year-old, Shenzhen-based big data company that provides financial risk management solutions for clients, has raised tens of millions of RMB in Series Pre-A funding led by CDF Capital (创东方), with participation from Pinshen Huanqiu Investment (品胜环球).

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