New fundings in China on May 4, 2017

Vrspy (武汉火游科技), a 2-year-old, Wuhan-based VR game developer, has raised RMB 15 million in angel round led by Z Ventures Group (知卓资本), with participation from Synergetic Innovation Fund Management (楚天协同基金).

Antiwiki, a 1.5-year-old, Beijing-based collaborative brainstorming platform for content ideas creation operated by Quanxi Zhiku (北京全息智库文化科技), has raised several million RMB in angel round, invested by Smallville-Capital (小村资本).

Weizaojiao (微早教), a 3.5-year-old, Beijing-based SaaS system provider targeting the early education sector, has raised several million RMB in angel round, invested by Hongsheng Guangtong Fund (洪晟观通基金).

New fundings in China on May 5, 2017

Ankerbox (街电科技), a 2-year-old, Shenzhen-based power bank rental startup, has raised RMB 300 million in strategic investment from online retailer Jumei (聚美优品).

TERMINUS (特斯联科技), a 1.5-year-old, Beijing-based mobile IoT platform, has raised US$ 100 million in Series A+ funding from undisclosed investors.

Yunmai (云麦科技), a 3-year-old, Zhuhai-based internet startup focusing on smart wearable health devices, cloud data mining and health solutions, has raised roughly US$ 10 million in Series B funding led by LB Investment, with participation from Xinwen Capital (信文资本) and Future Cap (明势资本).

Laoyuegou (捞月狗/乐昕网络), a 4.5-year-old, Haikou-based gamer score and statistics tracker, has raised RMB 40 million in Series B+ funding invested by SIG Asia Investment ( SIG海纳亚洲).

Lunubao (路怒宝), a 2-year-old, Chongqing-based IoV tech startup that provides vehicle-mounted smart LED displays, has raised RMB 30 million in Series Pre-A funding invested by Tonghe (同禾资本) and Dongfeng Xiaokang Industry Fund (东风小康产业基金).

Yishou App (一手APP/ 富米科技), a 2.5-yar-old, Guangzhou-based B2B women clothing wholesale app, has raised RMB 4 million in angel round invested by Tisiwi (天使湾).

 Yuerwenyiwen (育儿问一问) , 2-year-old, Suzhou-based online medical counseling platform for child care and health, has raised eight-digit RMB in Series A funding invested by Shuimu Zehua Fund (水木泽华基金).

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