This is the final post of Now in Shenzhen, where TechNode visits a handful of Shenzhen-based companies leveraging Shenzhen’s core strength: manufacturing. 

Shenzhen is becoming an ever dynamic place for startups and makers, and the city now is seeing more companies finding a niche in the market that big factories and notable hardware accelerators could not embrace. Workshop, the Uber of manufacturing to beat big factories, and Trouble Maker, a co-working space for non-professional makers are a good example of that trend. You can see that the manufacturing is moving towards serving much smaller scale of startups and individuals. Here’s our video of visiting Workshop, Trouble Maker and Gravity Innovation. Hope you enjoy it!


YouTube video


“Now In Shenzhen” covered six stories on interesting trends emerging in Shenzhen:

1. Workshop 

Workshop is “Uber for manufacturing”, helping hardware startups on manufacturing and scaling production in China, especially when they go through crowdfunding.

2. Trouble Maker

Trouble Maker is a Shenzhen-based product development platform that works like a co-working space for makers who want to realize their product.

3. Madrasters

Madrasters is a designer community in Shenzhen where people can learn and chat about design trends and network. The key message is “Made In China” needs more expat designers.

4. Focalmax

Focalmax, a Shenzhen-based company that specializes in smart optical technologies and products, says that its artificial intelligence robot combining VR technology will be ready by the end of this year.

5. EcoFlow Tech

EcoFlow Tech, the battery startup founded by ex-DJI employees, launched a mobile power station RIVER that can charge up to 11 devices simultaneously.

6. Gravity Innovation

Gravity Innovation wants to encourage young students to get interested in space with their connected rocket lamp and SpaceGO app.

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at

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