New fundings in China on May 8, 2017

Zoecare (北京泽众康), an 11-year-old, Beijing-based online platform for epilepsy healthcare and health management, has raised RMB 2 million in a seed round backed by Beijing Yiqichuang Consulting Services Business Partnership (北京医启创咨询服务合伙企业).

Sport-Covers (运动保), a 1.5-year-old, Shenzhen-based online sports insurance platform, has raised eight-digit RMB in angel round backed by Bright Venture Capital (璀璨资本) and GREAT Wall Fund (前海长城基金).

Lanqiuke (篮球客), a 2-year-old, Xiamen-based online folk basketball platform that is engaged in basketball game organization and game data input, has raised RMB 3 million in angel round led by Xiamen Fuyuheng Investment Management (厦门富育恒投资管理有限公司).

Haidaoxiafan (海盗虾饭), a 2-year-old, Beijing-based crawfish rice dish fast-food brand, has raised roughly RMB 10 million in strategic investment from Youdingyou Catering (北京优鼎优餐饮股份有限公司).

Jingyu Chuxing (京鱼出行), a 0.5-year-old, Beijing-based timeshare car rental service targeting rural population, has raised RMB 5 million in seed round from an undisclosed investor.

New fundings in China on May 9, 2017

G-banker (黄金钱包), a 3-year-old, Beijing-based online financial platform for gold investment, has raised RMB 200 million in Series C funding led by Bohai Zhongsheng (渤海中盛), with participation from Guangkong Zhongying Capital (光控众盈资本), SB China Capital (软银中国) and Radiant Venture Capital (慧科资本).

Mass Medical International (麻省医疗国际/美域国际), a 1.5-year-old, Beijing-based global healthcare consultancy specializing in high-end patient referrals from China to top US hospitals for diagnosis, treatment, and the delivery of remote medical second opinions, has raised RMB 70 million in Series B funding backed by Fosun Tonghao (复星同浩).

XianyuGame (咸鱼游戏), a 3.5-year-old, Shenzhen-based mobile game publisher and distributor, has raised RMB 180 million in Series B+ funding backed by Yao Capital (曜为资本) and H-Brothers (华谊兄弟).

Wangcaigu (旺财谷), a 3-year-old, Nanjing-based P2P service focusing on accounts receivable financing, has raised RMB 60 million in Series A+ backed by Delta Capital (达泰资本).

Reyun (热云数据), a 3.5-year-old, Beijing-based mobile app and game data analytics platform, has raised RMB 100 million in Series B funding led by TEDA Venture Capital (泰达科投).

Yunchongba (云充吧), a 1.5-year-old, Shenzhen-based power bank rental startup, has raised RMB 25 million in Series A funding led by Ubox (友宝).

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