[Podcast] China Tech Talk 04: Exclusive interview with Florian Bohnert, Mobike’s Head of International Expansion

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This week we switch up the format a bit to do our very first interview!

Continuing our discussion of bike sharing, we invited Florian Bohnert, Head of International Expansion at Mobike, to talk about Mobike, bike sharing, and their plans inside and outside China

  • How did you come to China/start working at Mobike?
  • How do you keep up with everything and stay sane at the same time?
  • How does Mobike view its own brand?
  • Why isn’t Mobike a bike share company?
  • How is Mobike like Tesla?
  • How do you explain the early traction of Mobike and bike sharing?
  • How many millions of bikes is Foxconn building for Mobike?
  • Why do you think the sector has gotten so hot? What do investors expect?
  • What are your expansion plans inside and outside China?
  • How does Mobike see mini-programs? Strategic or just another entry point?
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China Tech Talk is a TechNode x ChinaChannel co-production

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