New fundings in China on May 21, 2017

Lefull (乐乎), a 3-year-old, Beijing-based youth-targeted apartment rental service, has raised tens of millions of RMB in Series A backed by Fosun (复星集团).

Chunsun (春笋共享雨伞), a 1-month-old, Shanghai-based umbrella rental startup, has raised RMB 5 million in an angel round from undisclosed investor.

STEMedu (寓乐湾), a 5-year-old, Beijing-based education firm that provides schools with the training, resources, and community of support to create tech learning experiences through maker education, has raised tens of millions of RMB in Series B funding led by Huaqinghuahe Fund (华清华和基金).

New fundings in China on May 22, 2017

Cloudwise (云智慧), an 8-year-old, Beijing-based SaaS-based and end-to-end application performance management (APM) solutions provider, has raised US$ 26 million in Series C funding led by CBC Capital (宽带资本), with participation from SIG Asia Investment (海纳亚洲创投基金) and Sequoia Capital (红杉资本中国基金).

Yangcong345 (洋葱数学), a 3.5-year-old, Beijing-based K-12 online education startup, has raised RMB 97 million in Series B funding co-led by StarVC and Qingsong Fund (青松基金), with participation from FreeS Fund (峰瑞资本).

Vizum (伟景智能), a 1-year-old, Beijing-based hi-tech startup that provides binocular stereo vision solutions, has raised RMB 50 million in Series A funding from undisclosed investors.

Baitongshiji (百通世纪), a 14-year-old, Beijing-based education firm that mainly offers test-prep courses to medical practitioners, has raised tens of millions of RMB in Series Pre-A funding backed by Shengchu Fund (晟初资本).

Mech-mind (梅卡曼德机器人), a half-year-old, Beijing-based tech startup providing software and sensors that make industrial robots smart, has raised tens of millions of RMB in Series Pre-A funding led by China Growth Capital (华创资本), with participation from Galileo Venture (伽利略资本).

Gangyi Technology (刚毅科技), a 10-year-old, Chengdu-based firm that is engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of agricultural machinery, has raised tens of millions of RMB in a strategic investment from Talent Capital (天赋资本).

Iweizhijia (微之家), a 3-year-old, Xiamen-based new media internet company that provides technology, operation and commercialization solutions for WeChat official accounts of colleges and universities, has raised eight-digit RMB in Series Pre-A funding from undisclosed investors.

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