The defeat of top Go player Ke Jie to Google’s AlphaGo is pushing discussions about AI technology to new heights this week. After a series of human vs computer matches, more and more people can see that AI will fundamentally change our lives.

Beyond the hype media attention, however, most of the AI technologies remain in the R&D stage are still finding possible ways to be applied in real-life scenarios. The situation is changing gradually with the maturity of the technology itself as well as the market surrounding it. Maybe AI is not something that end customers can use directly, but it is finding its way into nearly every vertical.

i-Lab is an accelerator program supported by Microsoft China, Shanghai Xuhui District government and state-backed electronics company INESA. At the i-Labs demo day held last week, the twelve startups addressed a wide range of problems from education, transportation, robots, and smart city. But if you take a closer look, there’s a common theme in nearly every startup — AI and big data.

Here’s a wrap-up of the 12 startups who demoed at the event.

Shape Joy (形趣)

Shape Joy is an online fitness coach solution that provides personalized training programs. Powered by computer vision technologies and AI technology, Shape Joy’s 3D motion tracking model can capture users’ gestures and give corresponding advice on how to make improvements based on a gamified model.

Michi (米尺)

Michi is startup offering cloud-based field service solutions for manufacturers to turn industrial appliances and more into intelligent devices.

Wizarcan (微肯)

Wizarcan is building an indoor positioning and navigation system based on iBeacon technology. Its clients come from various industries from shopping malls, exhibition centers, museums, metros and more.

Chiwei (驰帷)

Chiwei is working on an online education system that would enable school faculties to better manage their students and staff with big data and AI technology.

AutoGreen (格灵出行)

AutoGreen is bringing its electric vehicle rental service to Shanghai. Together with electric cars, AutoGreen is also setting up parking lots with charging poles.

KangPeng (康朋)

KangPeng is a healthcare startup engaged in the development of an early-warning device for cardiovascular diseases.

MeCourse (ME课)

MeCourse is an online education platform that connects teachers with students living nearby.

ZenSense (征鑫)

Enabled by big data and AI technologies, ZenSense is a pet control management platform that helps clients eliminate harmful creatures that usually carry disease and pose a constant threat to commercial facilities.

E-Building (摩墅狮)

E-Building is a smart solution provider which aspires to make your homes smarter.

Tajian Technology (塔尖科技)

Tajian Technology is engaged in high-end community integration and operation. The company’s revenue comes mainly from promoting luxury products, high-end health care services, and asset management products.

Hrstek (合时)

Hrstek is the developer and manufacturer of robots for special occasions like anti-terrorism, rescue, and environmental detection.

IOTCOMM (智联信通)

IOTCOMM is a smart lighting monitoring system developer. Its smart lighting monitoring control system can realize remote single light control, energy saving, and smart management.

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