The TechCrunch Shenzhen Hackathon is only two weeks away! Check out the bevy of tools and prizes that will be featured for the coming weekend.

Blockchain and bike rentals

Blockchain technology, with its distributed cloud storage and unbreakable smart contracts, could be the future! Dianrong’s blockchain lab has developed a Blockchain as a Service platform (BaaS). Together with Mobike, the leader in bike-sharing economy, we invite you to explore applications of blockchain technology in the sharing economy. Dianrong’s top blockchain scientists would guide you through the development process.

Dianrong’s BaaS (Blockchain as a service) will open their management server and BaaS Java SDK. A sample application of blockchain technology in car rental payment clearance will also be provided for reference.

Additional tools and APIs that Mobike is going to offer include user binding, unlocking, riding status, order detail and account info.


Pick one from the following tasks or come up with an innovative use case of blockchain in Mobike’s business on your own

Credit rating: Blockchain-based credit rating solutions to assess Mobike users credit worthiness profile. Automatic discount can be given to people with good credit rating

Crowd-funding: Mobike’s users can become investors of bikes. Blockchain can automatically diversify investment into different bikes, according to bikes usage, investors return can be automatically calculated

Environmental safety: use blockchain to calculate and record carbon savings based on bike miles; use blockchain to track Mobike materials

Finance: use blockchain to guarantee receipt of Mobike deposits; confirmation of investments

Operations: time validated coupons, coupons to be delivered underneath using blockchain that controls time/authenticity but allows single occurrence transference


Our sponsors have put up a large number of prizes for the TechCrunch Shenzhen Hackathon. Each participating team will get a hoodie or t-shirt. The winning group will walk away with 2 Apple Watches and 2 128G iPads while the top 10 teams will win a host of prizes to include Ninebot One, PSVR, Nintendo Switch and HHKB.



Dianrong, often coined as ‘Lending Club of China”, is leading company in China’s fintech industry with focuses on P2P lending and banking solutions. The company has launched China’s first-ever blockchain platform called ‘Chained Finance’ in March this year. The platform leverages advanced financial technology to meet the hugely underserved needs of supply chain finance in China.


Mobike is a leading bike rental startup in China. Using specially designed bikes equipped with GPS and proprietary smart-lock technology, Mobike enables users of its smartphone app to find a bike near them and unlock it using their smartphones. After reaching their destination, the user parks the bike by the roadside and locks it, automatically making the bike available to other Mobike users nearby.

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, you better get moving!

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