The first domestic food distribution package disinfection standards were released (in Chinese) on July 11th and formally implemented on the same day. In the future, the disinfection of food distribution boxes will be inspected.

In recent years, online food delivery apps have developed rapidly, but have also caused many to question their safety and hygiene. To ensure food safety for consumers, the Chinese Cuisine Association (CCA) along with China’s delivery services and Baidu Waimai released “Disinfection of food distribution box (package)” as association group standards, also the first national standard in such area.

The State Administration of Food and Drug Administration (SDA) is in the process of formulating the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Online Subscriptions; some of the relevant contents are available in the draft. For example, the staff should keep personal hygiene, use safe and harmless delivery containers and keep the containers clean. The standard also has detailed provisions for how to send a meal box, and how to disinfect and monitor them.

For the frequency of disinfection, currently, sterilizes their box once a day, according to Miao Hong,’s senior food safety expert who also helped draft the standard.

Industry experts said that the standard and implementation will help regulate the cleaning and disinfection of distribution tools to enhance the level of food and beverage distribution network and food safety. It will also provide a basis for law enforcement inspection for the functioning departments.

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