Baidu Maps are being ridiculed and Baidu does not like it. The Chinese tech giant is suing GQ Daily, the Chinese edition of lifestyle magazine GQ, for making fun of their Baidu Maps service on GQ’s official WeChat account. The company is demanding an apology and a compensation of economic losses in the amount of RMB 5 million, according to Chinese media.

GQ Daily published an account from a reader that used Baidu Maps to find a children’s clinic in Shenzhen but ended up with search results showing a hospital 460 miles (730 km) away in Putian city of Fujian province. The media outlet then invited readers to share their own misadventures with Baidu’s services by joining a creative writing contest. The contestants were asked to fill in the slogan “Baidu it, and you can… (百度一下,你就–)” GQ also published its own contribution for the new slogan competition, “Baidu it, and you’re done (百度一下,你就完了)” which earned the wrath of the tech titan.

Baidu has stated that Baidu Maps provide functions such as online map search, public transportation tracking and driving navigation which are widely loved and welcomed by users and enjoy a high reputation. According to Baidu, the GQ’s article has caused serious damage to the reputation of the company.

GQ has so far refused to withdraw the article in question. The case is currently under investigation and will be brought before the court in Beijing’s Haidian District. TechNode has reached out to the company, but they declined to comment on an ongoing case.

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