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Entrepreneur and marketer with a strong focus on Mainland China and over 12 years of experience in the region, Ashley Galina Dudarenok is specializing in creative, social media, digital content and campaigns – supporting client’s growth and expansion strategies. Major clients include Star Cruises, Cyberport, Sa Sa, Astana Expo-2017, Synergetic, Preciosa, etc.

Ashley was repeatedly featured in a variety of local and international press including Forbes, Huffington Post, SCMP, TVB, Asian Entrepreneur, China Daily, HK01, Jumpstart Magazine, Do Marketing, ITAR-TASS, etc.

Specialties: WeChat & Weibo; influencer marketing in China (KOLs), partnerships and creative campaigns.

Languages: Mandarin, English, Russian and German

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  • Planning a business trip to Portugal
  • Shanghai trip on September 19-24, Chat Conference on September 21-22 and a GFA meet-up on September 20
  • New Patreon Campaign “Supporter”: Jons Slemmer
  • What Ashley is doing these days
  • Talking about other social media channels that people can use on their marketing in China
  • Best social media platforms in China now aside from WeChat and Weibo
  • Video Streaming: How it’s different from the west, how foreign marketers can use it, and examples of successful foreigners of foreign companies doing well with live streaming in China
  • Question: When would you choose to go with the largest platforms WeChat and Weibo vs. other social media channels?
  • Interesting partnerships between social media platforms like payment and cross promotions of feeds
  • Examples of companies who did really well in the alternative social media channels, as well as bad examples
  • Ashley’s book recommendations
  • How to get in touch with Ashley

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