Editor’s note: A version of this post by Zhang Xia first appeared on Yicai Global.

New smartphones from Xiaomi and Oppo will feature three-dimensional sensing technology for facial recognition as early as March or April next year, industry sources said.

Himax Technologies and Qualcomm will develop the 3D sensing technology using modules produced by Truly Opto-electronics. These three companies’ cooperation will enhance the hardware configuration of high-end models introduced by Chinese smartphone makers in the coming years, boosting their competitiveness, Digitimes quoted the sources as saying.

Huawei, China’s largest smartphones maker, is working with Sunny Optical Technology to develop a 3D sensor solution for its high-end models, the sources said. Chinese touch panel and optical sensor supplier Shenzhen O-film Tech Co. is accelerating the development of its structured light solutions and teaming up with domestic phone manufacturers to enter the 3D sensor market, the sources said.

Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and were the top five domestic smartphone makers in mainland China in the third quarter, per a report from Digitimes’ research division. Huawei led the market with 40 million smartphone shipments in the quarter, followed by Xiaomi with 23 million and Oppo with more than 20 million.

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