The devil’s in the details, as the saying goes. You’ll find plenty of those at our side stages, where we gather industry experts to go really deep into 4 specific topics that greatly affect our lives today. There will be plenty of in-depth discussions that will tickle the minds of industry insiders, but also cover enough breadth to inform industry newcomers of the rising trends and how to take advantage of them.

All side stages will start at 1.30pm promptly. Our side stages are free and open to the public, so sign up for your visitor tickets quickly before they run out. You can grab your tickets now with the QR code below:

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27th Nov:Smart Supply Chains

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People always claim that the consumption upgrade came at the time when the mobile internet rose, when China’s domestic industry began to transform and when consumer demand started to change. But as we shift the focus to a micro perspective, first you will find that the key to the consumption upgrade is the supply chain.In the afternoon, Explorium (powered by Fung Group) will gather some of the industry leaders and partners to reveal where opportunities will happen in the trend of consumption upgrade.

27th Nov:Leading The Way of New Consumption & Retail 3.0

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At the Cherubic Ventures’ side stage, we’ve invited the best insiders in China and Silicon Valley to speak on a cross-border perspective. The topics cover the hottest trend of retail 3.0 and new consumption, China’s fintech under globalization, and artificial intelligence disrupting traditional business — education and freight forwarding. It’s a rare chance to grasp Silicon Valley and China’s latest technology, talents, and economy at once.

28th Nov:Blockchain Side Stage

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At the blockchain side stage, we’ve invited leaders from the bitcoin and blockchain industry to shed light on what’s happening in this hot field. From ICOs to tokenless applications, from bitcoin’s future to private blockchains, we will explore the current state and future potential of a technology that is set to change our world. What are fat protocols? Is bitcoin still relevant? What makes a good decentralized application? When will we be truly cashless?

28th Nov:Biomedical Industries in China

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Health has always been a hot topic in tech industry, so are the questions – what stage is the health industry at now? Where are the policies going to lead? What kinds of problems have the pioneer medical AI companies met? What factor can boost the pharmaceutical R&D? How can a health project appeal to investors? Are there any opportunities left in the health market? What is the trend of biomedical and internet combination in the next 15 years? For all the questions, Kechuang 365 will tell you, along with some of the biomedical startups in China.

Excited? So are we! Find out more information on our side stages at the QR code below.
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