Driving in Beijing can be a stressful experience both for drivers and pedestrians and now, AI will also get to endure its notorious traffic jams. Beijing’s first self-driving pilot zone will be set up in Yizhuang, a southeast suburb that hosts the Beijing Economic and Technical Development Area (BDA). The news was announced today by the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission, Legal Evening News reports.

The city will help promote the development of autonomous driving technology by updating road facilities such as signaling and marking to enable “car and road synergy,” an official from the Commission said. A high-precision map is also being developed.

In December 2017, Beijing became the first city in China that passed regulation allowing automakers to test self-driving vehicles on public roads. According to the rules, self-driving cars will only be able to drive on designated roads at certain periods. AVs will also have to be insured for RMB 5 million.

Back in December 2016, Wuhan opened the first test zone for autonomous vehicles in China in collaboration with a Chinese-French joint venture under Renault.

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