Bilibili, also known as “B Station” (b站 in Chinese), is the spiritual home for Chinese ACG (anime, comic, and games also known as 二次元 erciyuan) fans. Founded in 2009, the site quickly gained popularity over the years. As of July 2017, Bilibili has 150 million registered users and 100 million monthly active users.

Previously known as a place to watch (sometimes pirated) anime and discuss the latest in ACG, Bilibili has grown into a haven for erciyuan (or 2D in English, a reference to the “flat” nature of ACG) aficionados to create and share their own fan content.

We talked to two popular Bilibili stars, who upload “Zhaiwu” (宅舞, literally meaning “house dance”), or ACG dance covers. Their videos have drawn tens of thousands of views.

YouTube video

If you can’t see anything, try QQ video instead.

“Danmu” (弹幕, “bullet screen” in English or “danmaku” in Japanese), real-time comments that skim across and atop the streamed videos, are also very popular on Bilibili. With the feature, viewers are able to leave instant comments and even interact live with other viewers.

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