Blockchain is the biggest buzzword of the year. However, we are just now beginning to see what silly creative ways will this technology be applied. The newest example from China is a blockchain-based toothbrush by Shenzhen-based 32Teeth, currently crowdfunding the project through the JD Finance platform.

The company aims to make your teeth really clean by applying not only blockchain technology, but also facial recognition, sensors, and big data. If the company delivers its promise, the toothbrush is likely to become a favorite among OCD sufferers superheroes. The toothbrush app offers precise identification of 16 tooth surface cleanliness levels, analyzes users’ brushing activity data, and offers a powerful intelligent reminder. It even has AR function which gives you an inside look (literally) into how you brush your teeth.

32Teeth blockchain toothbrush app lets you identify where you should be brushing harder (Image credit: 32Teeth)

The toothbrush also tries to make each of your 32 teeth—the average number of teeth in an adult—a cryptocurrency mine. Brushing your teeth regularly rewards you with AYA tokens (爱牙币, literally “love teeth coins”) which can be exchanged for more toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental hygiene services.

Although some have ridiculed the product—one commentator worried that his mother might give it to the dog to chew so she can mine as much free stuff as possible—many consumers seem excited with the idea. The high tech toothbrush has already exceeded the RMB 100,000 crowdfunding goal required for the project. The crowdfunding will continue until May this year.

China has recently become the birthplace of other odd blockchain ideas. One example is this triangle-shaped cryptocurrency miner made by Acute Angle which—besides the triangular design—promises a “stable blockchain spirit,” according to the video on their website.

Acute Angle PC (Image credit: Acute Angle)

However, we shouldn’t be too quick to discard futuristic sounding blockchain projects. Blockchain has the potential to play a significant role in the development of IoT devices since it provides a secure way to transact and record information. Companies such as Huawei and Lenovo are already looking into blockchain-based smartphones. Chinese smart devices company Life Sense has also announced a high-end smartwatch based on blockchain technology last week.

Masha Borak is a technology reporter based in Beijing. Write to her at masha.borak [at] Pitches with the word "disruptive" will be ignored. Read a good book - learn some more adjectives.

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