Editor’s note: This was contributed by Steven Tong, CEO of Startupbootcamp China, and Julie Yang Startupbootcamp China, Venture Analyst.

Startupbootcamp (SBC) held its inaugural China-based accelerator program in Chengdu last year. A total of 13 digital health startups, including 9 international ones, participated in the program. Through the program, startups gained much value through access to resources such as mentors, corporate partners, and investors.

However, in hindsight of the first acceleration program in China, SBC China realized that main challenges for international startups entering the Chinese market include lack of understanding of local market conditions, users, policies, regulations, industries, business habits and so forth.

In order to help future or already existing international startups overcoming obstacles when entering and expanding in China, SBC China produced a China Landscape Report to help international startups understand the macro trends affecting China and the opportunities they can consider.

The report is intended to be a manual for international startups expanding to China.

SBC China Landscape Report not only briefly introduces the general situation, development path, and innovation ecosystem of China but also analyzes opportunities and challenges for foreign teams to enter China.

Outline of the 2018 Landscape Report as below:

  • One Glance of China: Outlining a portrait of China using China’s “Big” Data and economic data.
  • Future of China: Discussing China’s future development trends based on important government policies, including Report of China Communist Party’s (CCP) 19th Party Congress, made in China 2015 plan, OBOR (One Belt, One Road), Healthy China, and more.
  • China’s Startup Ecosystem: Analysis of China’s investment and fundraising data focusing on the two innovative cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen with a strong ecosystem.
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Startups: Based on the operation experience of SBC in China, an analysis of the opportunities and challenges that foreign startups may get or have to face when entering China.
  • Future Key Industries: According to SBC China’s insights into industries in China, 5 hot industries were identified that according to SBC have huge potential in China. These 5 industries are Education Tech, Agri-food Tech, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Health and Clean Tech. For each industry, the report introduces their trends for fundraising, development, technologies as well as some notable startups for each.

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