Pony Ma, chairman and founder of Tencent, said that the Tencent Blockchain (腾讯区块链, also called as TrustSQL) will be used in medical treatment so that prescription cannot be tampered with, Chinese media Tencent Technology is reporting. 

He also said that the internet behemoth has already partnered with Chinese city Liuzhou and Guangxi Province to enable the scheme at 2018 China “Internet +” digital economic summit held in Chongqing.

“Tencent has tested the first ‘out-of-hospital prescription circulation’ service to cities like Guangxi and Liuzhou based on the WeChat’s hospital reservation service and payment functions. They have prescribed prescriptions in hospitals, purchased drugs outside the hospital, and even sent medicines to their homes. They also connected planning committee, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. Here we are using blockchain technology so that prescription cannot be tampered with, and we are also considering to promote the application of this technology,” Ma said.

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At the summit, Tencent also officially launched “Tencent blockchain + supply chain financial solutions” to improve the financing dilemma of small and medium-sized enterprises and help upgrade local industries using blockchain technology and operational resources. The company said that it will increase investment in supply chain finance in 2018.

At present, the Tencent blockchain has been implemented in areas like supply chain finance, medical care, digital assets, logistics information, legal deposit protection, and finding missing child.

Tencent’s blockchain product TrustSQL passed the authorization of China Information Technology Institute and rolled out BaaS service (in Chinese) in November 2017. One month later Baidu followed Tencent’s step by launching its own BaaS blockchain open platform. Other Chinese companies started crypto pet bandwagon, including Baidu’s cryptodoggies, Netease‘s “Lucky Cat(招财猫)”, Xiaomi’s “Cryptorabbit (加密兔)”, and crypto alpacas (加密羊驼).

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at evayoo@technode.com

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