Kdan Mobile Software Ltd, a leading SaaS provider headquartered in Taiwan has raised $5 million in Series A funding, the company announced today in a press release. The investment was joined by WI Harper Group, Darwin Venture Management, and Accord Ventures. The company said the new investment will be used expand their businesses in the US and China markets and develop new features for enterprises and educational institutions.

Started as a mobile app developer, Kdan Mobile now offers content creation tools for designers to work across mobile devices and desktops. The company’s products were touted as an alternative to Adobe products and Evernote. The company said its product line now has over 120 million downloads and its cloud services, Kdan Cloud, has accumulated over 3.5 million members.

Last November, the company announced a partnership with LKKER, a leading online design sharing platform in China. The partnership allows their users to directly share their work on LKKER’s pitching platform with businesses who are seeking talented designers.

The company said they are expanding their services into other markets and is open to new partnerships. “We have been actively cooperating with many international partners such as GMobi, Adonit, and LKKER. These partners help us reach a larger audience and provide resources to help our users make even more efficient use of our products and services,” said Kenny Su, CEO of Kdan Mobile.

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