Each year, ChinaBang Awards is dedicated to honoring the best innovation in China and to promoting the most promising and uprising tech startups inside China. Our panel of judges considered many factors in the selection process, including company innovation, continuity, potential, impact, and patents, as well as market growth, business model, product and service, and development. After weeks of careful review by our experienced judges, along with the voice of our public voters, we were pleased to announce the winners of ChinaBang Awards 2018 last night.

This year’s celebration was joined by entrepreneurs, investors, and media, as well as corporates and cross-border guests. It has been a great honor to host such a group of ambitious, motivated individuals.

Thank you to all who attended and congratulations to all who won!

The list of ChinaBang Awards 2018 winners:

Best Company of the Year

From mobile internet to consumption upgrade, from the shared economy to artificial intelligence and blockchain, the wheels of innovation continue to accelerate. While confusing and uncertain, it’s also a time for great hope and optimism. We look for precisely those startups that seize opportunities, are devoted to their goals, and advance bravely amid the uncertainty to lead the future of China’s new economy.



Most Innovative Company of the Year

In this age of innovation, these companies stood above the others with their vision and bravery. With energetic teams, they have a profound and unique understanding of the market. They continuously break with convention and seek new possibilities.

辛里有束工作室 Xinliyoushu

数坤科技 Shukun

马路创新科技 Malu Innovation

齐悟 Centaurs

逍逍 hixiaoxiao

Best Hardware of the Year

Technophiles are constantly trying to find the latest tools to improve their lives and impress their friends. In 2017, there were many impressive new tech products that showed off what is possible.

九号平衡车Plus Ninebot & Segway Plus

喜马拉雅-小雅AI音箱 Ximalaya-Xiaoya AI Speaker


渡鸦 raven H

Best Application of the Year

There will always be new ideas worthy of our attention and applications that capture the hearts of users. 2017’s mobile internet innovated on the back of changing user habits and platform. These apps not only provide ingenious user experience and high satisfaction, but they have also changed our lives.

来也 Zhulilaiye

界面新闻 jiemian.com

脉脉 Momo

Best Foodtech of the Year

Throughout history, our number one problem has been the production, storage, and consumption of food. Over the last century, we have made amazing progress in all these areas. Problems still remain, however, including food safety, food quality, convenience, and its impact on the environment. Best Foodtech of the Year recognizes companies that have made significant strides to improve the food we eat and how it gets to our table.

Via Stelle

Innovation of the Year

Transforming China into an innovation leader is no easy task. It’s not just about the number of patents or the number of government aware; it’s also about the actual applications of the technology and how much it will change the industry.


奥比中光 Orbbec

来福谐波 Laifuxiebo

Best Enterprise Service of the Year

In the wake of the country’s large strides forward, the dominance of cheap labor has gradually faded: The increase in the scale of talent also came with the increase in labor costs. The birth of new technologies has allowed enterprise services to bring about a 180-degree transformation, from “to customer” to “to business.” More and more companies are seeing the opportunities and potentials in these enterprise services, and use their respective advantages to gain a firm foothold.


天眼查 Tianyancha

钉钉 DingTalk


希遇科技 Xiyu Technology

Best AI of the Year

While AI has not yet lived up to our greatest hopes and fears, machine learning has flourished in an increasingly large ocean of data. This unprecedented technology will profoundly transform mankind. On this road to transformation, these companies are at the forefront.

西井科技 westwell lab


平安科技 Ping An Technology

商汤科技 SenseTime

深鉴科技 DeePhi Tech

Blockchain Innovation of the Year

Blockchain is the largest dark horse of the startup community in recent years. It originates from an unknown source, yet it has forced us to rethink our systems of trust, how we transact, and how we record information. Blockchain is an area we are still exploring and these companies have revealed more of the territory.

原本 Yuenben

优权天成 YQTC Tech

点融网 Dianrong

Shared Economy Service of the Year

The shared economy is a bellwether for greater changes in society. Not only are resources more and more abundant, but we are also more willing to share this abundance. In this field, there are a number of shared economy service providers that challenge traditional business rules and make everybody’s lives more convenient.

女神派 MSParis

爱彼迎 Airbnb

梦想加 MyDreamPlus

摩拜单车 Mobike


Transportation Service of the Year

Transportation is one of the basic human needs, however, this need had not been met very well in the past. It was only when these companies emerged that distance no longer became a problem. Quick and convenient are their attributes, and being available whenever, wherever is when they shine.

摩拜单车 Mobike

凹凸租车 atzuche

滴滴出行 Didi Chuxing


哈罗单车 Hellobike

Outbound Startup of the Year

Despite fierce competition at home, many companies still extend their reach to overseas markets and actively expand their business horizons. They make full use of every means of internal and external information to understand the target market and customer needs, make correct judgements and choices, and tap into and establish the advantages of global differences. The successes of these overseas companies are gaining more and more international attention.


NOX夜神 Nox Digital Entertainment Co.

惠租车 Huizuche

猎豹移动 Cheetah Mobile

Best Expat-founded Startup

Living in China isn’t easy. Starting a successful company is even harder. The Best Expat-founded Startup award recognizes those non-native companies who have shown the determination and humility to understand the Chinese market, abide by the country’s laws and regulations, and create valuable products for consumers and entrepreneurs inside and outside of China.

Relay Video

Best Foreign Startup Entering China

Anywhere between 60 to 90% of startups fail. 48% of foreign businesses entering China fail within 2 years. Understanding that the Chinese market is unique and why other companies fail here is key to surviving. The Best Foreign Startup Entering China award is for those companies who have shown what it takes to thrive outside their home market.


Post-Investment Service of the Year

If entrepreneurs are a crowd of solo professionals, then they are the DJs — the life of the party. With the long road of entrepreneurship, these havens have allowed many more valuable projects to take center-stage, taking them from nothing to the stars of the future.

真格基金 ZhenFund

纪源资本 GGV Capital

启明创投 Qiming Venture Partners

Best Venture Capital Firm of the Year

Abundance of capital heralds the path of technology, market, and business development, and simultaneously directs entrepreneurship and designs new business value maps. These companies have been the investment industry leaders of the past year.

心元资本 Cherubic Ventures

北极光创投 Northern Light Venture Capital

戈壁创投 Gobi Venture Capital

祥峰投资 Vertex Ventures

Best Entrepreneurial Service of the Year

From nothing to something, from small to large, in a startup’s growth, these companies play the role of a military adviser, a general, and a friend. In times when an entrepreneur is unable to cross the cliff ahead of him, these companies lay down a sturdy ladder; in times when an entrepreneur is unable to escape dark spaces, these companies light a candle for him. These companies are the strong support systems of entrepreneurial projects that allow them to grow bravely.



一度天使 AceBridge

Founder of the Year

Sometimes, a founder needs vision and courage. Sometimes, a founder also needs to have laser focus on one goal. A founder must be able to resist temptation in frantic times and withstand fear through low times. He needs to face new technology and new models with maintained wolfishness, yet remember to remain rational and understand his limitations. He takes the lead in the very long road of entrepreneurship.

李斌 — 蔚来汽车 William Li, founder of NIO

杨磊 — 哈罗单车 Yang Lei, founder of Hellobike

王小川 — 搜狗 Wang Xiaochuan, founder of Sogou

叶大清 — 融360 Ye Daqing, founder of Rong360

Investor of the Year

In times of confusion, this person provides direction. In times of acceleration, this person provides force. In times of war, this person provides ammunition. In times of difficulties, this person remains steadfast. He is the supporting hand of big projects, the mentor behind unicorns, and the partner on an entrepreneur’s journey.

毛圣博 — 熊猫资本 Mao Shengbo of Panda VC Fund

宓群 — 光速中国 Mi Qun of Lightspeed China Partners

杨磊 — 北极光创投 Yang Lei of Northern Light Venture Capital

郑俊聪 — 祥峰投资 Zheng Juncong of Vertex Ventures

Popularity Awards

These companies present new and novel ideas, unique perspectives, and unparalleled experiences. They are fan favorites, receiving the most likes on social media. They are the trailblazers.

东方启音 Orient Speech Therapy

满帮 Manbang

邻汇吧 Linhuiba

分贝通 Fenbeitong

9AM智能办公 9AM

共享际 5Lmeet

黑芝麻智能 Black Sesame Technologies



公园盒子 ParkBox


Food and Women

Smart Study Co.

Suzanne Tsai is a social media manager based in Beijing. You can contact her at suzannetsai@technode.com.

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