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G5 Capital announced on June 5h that it has launched the Global Investors Alliance, a worldwide platform to boost cross-border investment and entrepreneurship in the tech industry and to seek the future unicorns around the world.

With an increasing number of international companies looking at domestic market and vice versa, startups often found it difficult to expand or raise fund overseas. In this case, this is where G5 Global Investors Alliance, G5 Capital and its parent company, Zhejiang Jiangong Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd. (JGRE Group) try to aide in the first place.

“Investing in innovation and technology is a mission for us. Through the combination of tech and real estate, it is even more meaningful to carry on this path.” Annabel Yang, Executive Manager of G5, said on the launching ceremony.

Giving more service to partner venture capitals and entrepreneurs, G5 Global Investors Alliance will be a container of the international business ecosystem. On one hand, the alliance can provide entrepreneurs from all around the world a global feel of intelligent working place thanks to JGRE Group’s real estate background and its experience on operating top-grade office buildings. Also, the Alliance will help startups deeply connect with all the investor members (Plug and Play for example) in the industry and also help them get funding support.

On the other hand, the G5 Global Investors Alliance will share cross-border resources within the ecosystem, which will be a win-win cooperation.

G5 Capital will set up cross-border double-way incubation and acceleration channels in five countries including Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and China. G5 will provide investment funds, working space, funding services, community event and more for entrepreneurs.

G5 Capital officially launched its office in Australia in last August, and collaborated with Sydney Startup Hub, one of the largest venture capital center in Sydney, in January this year. Through their monthly local events, G5 Capital has the connection and partnership tighter than ever with the local first-tier VCs, incubators, and universities. Back in China, this channel also provides Chinese startups an access to the Australian market. At the end of 2018, G5 Australia became one among the seven official overseas innovation centers of Zhejiang Province, which have helped many Chinese companies to reach a whole new market without trial and error.

In Hangzhou, G5 will push a series of regular roadshows and events to the local cross-border tech community, such as 48-hour Blockchain Hackathon, Australian Innovation Series, MIT-CHIEF Alumni Innovation Series, Global Top-50 Blockchain Contest, G5 x PNP Smart Building Accelerator, and so on.

“We will share our domestic and overseas channels and resources. With a good mechanism of co-investment, we will also attract more outstanding investors to join the alliance. In the future, our parent company will also select some high-quality partners from the alliance for more in-depth cooperation, including LP opportunities,” Annabel said.

—Translated by Wang Boyuan

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