TechCrunch International Innovation Summit 2018, held in Hangzhou, is co-hosted by reputable US tech media company TechCrunch and its official China partner, international innovation platform TechNode.



July 2-3

Alibaba Cloud Town International Conference Center Phase II, Exhibition A

Top local and overseas entrepreneurs, investors, startups, and cross-border innovation pioneers will make an appearance on the main stage of TechCrunch International Innovation Summit, and share their insights for the future development of technology from AI, e-commerce, intelligent hardware & IoT, biomedicine, gaming & entertainment, intelligent transportation, enterprise services, as well as Internet security.

How far will the shared economy go? Who will lead the future of autonomous driving? What does the future hold for technology? Will AI “change” or “replace”? In the age of IoT, how much space in the market is there for AI sensing? How to run the race in new retail? The answers to these questions and more will be revealed at TechCrunch Hangzhou!

July 2

As we all know, machines are able to operate far better than humans; but when it comes to driving, which involves object recognition and complex decision-making, machine performance falls short. Since the advent of deep learning, however, these capabilities that would otherwise have been impossible or far-fetched have suddenly become more accessible.

Although autonomous driving is still at the road test stage, most major car manufacturers have already set their timeline for launching autonomous cars by 2020.

Therefore, at the upcoming TechCrunch Hangzhou, we are dedicating a side stage to discuss autonomous driving. We invited outstanding companies in this field, all from diverse backgrounds, from chip algorithm and sensors to high precision mapping and capital flows, to deconstruct the past, present, and future of autonomous driving.

July 3

As the “Great Leap” startup wave loses momentum, there are fewer quality projects. Perhaps it is time to slow down and really think about what steps must be taken and how capital should be managed to survive and grow in the maturing investment fund environment.

At TechCrunch Hangzhou, you will have access to investment info sharing from the finest investors in China.

July 2-3

This year, TechCrunch Hangzhou is dedicating an entire stage to blockchain. Get ready to hear about innovative startups breaking up industries run by centralized corporations. Artificial intelligence integrated into blockchain. The exploding hype around EOS and who is stepping up to challenge it. Social networking built on blockchain. Find this and more at the blockchain side stage.

The future is decentralized. Are you ready to be a part of it?

VC Meetup

VC Meetup is a tradition at TechCrunch China events. It allows for more efficient pitching and discovery of new ideas, as it brings together hundreds of entrepreneurs and VCs. Are you ready to be discovered?

VC Meetup: Blockchain

We will set up a blockchain themed meetup on July 2nd, inviting startups in blockchain as well as local and overseas investment companies.


  1. VC Meetup is a one-on-one format, participating entrepreneurs will connect with investors with matching interest.
  2. Entrepreneurs can find their matches according to their fields at VC meetup
  3. Besides signing up, entrepreneurs should also upload BP and marketing materials(ppt/pdf). You will receive official confirmation after being verified.
  4. Please plan to arrive at designated area early. Each investor and entrepreneur will meet for 10 minutes. Each team has 3 chances to meet investors. Once a meeting finishes, please stand in line to meet the next investor.

VC Meetup PRO

This year, we are introducing a featured VC Meetup Pro section. VC PRO will add a concentration to the former format. We will invite executives from many organizations to enter an independent area. Those startups the impressed their investors within 10 minutes will be chosen by relevant investment organizations for further discussion.

How to join: Please sign up through the link below if you intend to join VC Meetup PRO.

Startup Alley

Startup Alley this year contains 150 cool technology creative booth, and covers the moment’s six hottest themes, namely blockchain, smart life, AI, intelligent transportation, and will include an international pavilion and product launch zone. TechCrunch International Innovation Summit has over the years been committed to hosting a gathering of entrepreneurs and presenting front line media and investment companies.

Many innovative ideas and innovative companies representing the future in VR/AR, robot, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0 and other fields will be exhibited here with the most creative products and ideas!

Exhibited products

BuzzBuzz、NUSIC、Rocket、Judolaunch、VR & 360º virtual tours、Portier Technologies、Muddy, Your Personal Networking Buddy、niHUB、ABLE、Real Estate Doc、Real Estate Doc、Caohejing Innoclub、ATMdroid、Dbrain、Game X Coin (GXC)、Le Wagon 2 Month Coding Bootcamp、RightPrint、AI Technology Network (ATN)

New product launch

As the leading technology innovation indicator currently, TechCrunch International Innovation Summit has great influence and marketing effect both locally and internationally, and many innovative companies have taken TechCrunch as the new product launch outpost.


At this year’s Startup Alley, three guest speakers from Le Wagon will speak to the participants in these interactive workshops, revealing the unique appeal of product development and design through different angles, including, product development and operation, UI/UX design, and building a website in 2 hours for beginners (EN).

How to craft and define your product: product development and operation

July 2 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

UI UX design 101

July 2 3:00 – 5:00 pm

How to Build Your Own Website in 2 hours!(EN)

July 3 10:00 am – 12:00 pm


  • Hear from local and international entrepreneurs at the stage in front of Startup Alley. Rewards and surprises are waiting for you!
  • We will be selling TechCrunch Official T-shirts limited versions at info tables
  • After Party will be on the evening of July 2nd, there will be opportunities to meet and talk with many local and international guest speakers about the next hot topic in tech trends.


Summit has 7 check-in entries: Media, student, VIP, Standard(3 entries), purchasing tickets on site.

Check-ins will require QR code or phone numbers, emails; or purchase tickets.

Media and student tickets check-ins will require relevant IDs ahead of time, and

Please go through designated entries.

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