Tencent’s social platform QQ landed itself in hot water after a news report from China’s state broadcaster CCTV. A report titled “The Online Rule of Law” revealed that popular QQ groups were used to plot kidnappings, recruit drug dealers, and encourage gambling, The Paper reports. The report published on June 29th warned that some network platforms are used to offer loanshark credit, gambling, and even plot criminal activities. The news stirred a lively online debate.

We thank CCTV news for monitoring and warning about harmful and illegal information on the network platform. The QQ security team has been cracking down on all kinds of illegal activities including violence and gambling. Once they are verified, the QQ groups and account numbers will be stopped and not be tolerated. Serious cases will also be referred to the legal bodies.

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Tencent has also launched the “2018 Summer Thunderstorm Action” aimed at preventing illegal activities and the dissemination of harmful information. The report did not state what kind of harmful information is in need of prevention in this case. Users can report illegal accounts and groups at any time through the Tencent security service platform and other channels.

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