Vague, unimaginable, and thrilling. This is our future. With all the uncertainty and unpredictability that the world has to offer, TechCrunch has set out to define what it means to be human, through exploration of the relationship between man and machine.

It’s quite natural for people to talk about the beginning of a period in history with words like “emergence “ and “subversive.” Often times, however, it’s difficult to pinpoint at what particular time has one such phenomenon occurred. Is time and space—the past, present, and future—really linear? What does it mean to define the future?

Human beings have, for a long time, searched for ways to make sense of the world. TechCrunch aims to help people better understand the role that technology has played in shaping our past and our present, so that maybe we can predict how it will shape our future.

The internet, once doubted by even the industry’s smartest leaders, has become essential to our lives. Now, people are talking about how blockchain technology can transform the internet and improve—or destroy—our lives.

Improving healthcare is a timeless effort. Currently, people are looking for ways to apply blockchain technology to optimize health and medicine., built by TechCrunch Hangzhou after party sponsor WuXi NextCODE, is a blockchain-based data platform that integrates data search, intelligent transaction, distributed accounting, and cloud computing. It aggregates and mines scattered health data, maximizing efficiency in medical record keeping. uses globally recognized data encryption technology combined with blockchain technology to solve privacy and security issues in data storage.

In the first half of the after party, John Gu, Chief Digital Officer of WuXi NextCODE, will introduce the company’s background, its vision for the future, and the overall structure of its blockchain medical database. Duan Tao, former warden of Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital and Founder of Chuntian Medical, and Chen Gang, Microgene Co-founder and CTO, will then discuss how blockchain data banking can be applied and developed in clinical medicine and genetic health.

The rest of the night will be open for mingling!

Don’t wait for the world to change. Come change the world with us.

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