Chinese regulators intensify crackdown on counterfeit online goods

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China steps up crackdown on counterfeit goods – People’s Daily 

What happened: In the wake of Pinduoduo’s fake goods scandal, China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has called for companies to crack down on the sale of production and sale of counterfeit goods, trademark infringements, and illegal advertisements. It said that companies involved in the supply chain of sub-standard or counterfeit products would be subject to an investigation.

Why it’s important: Pinduoduo, the social e-commerce giant which went public in the US earlier last week, has been subject to greater scrutiny since its IPO. The SAMR said earlier this week that it would be launching an investigation into the operations of the company. However, it will not only be Pinduoduo that will be punished. The SAMR said that any third parties or companies doing business on an e-commerce platform such as Pinduoduo would be disciplined.