Tencent launches new games including official Game of Thrones mobile game

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又一款大作!腾讯今天推出一款《权利的游戏》正版手游 – Tencent Tech

What happened: The mobile game affiliate of Tencent announced the launch of 20 new games yesterday, including the debut of the official Game of Thrones with Tencent as a publisher. The company says, to explore more business potentials and diversify product portfolio, close study and strategy on emerging game segments would be on the priority list. Tencent also believes a vibrant vertical market centered on gaming communities would bring good bonus.

Why it’s important: The launch of new games and announcements of new strategies imply 2 things. First, Tencent is sure about the power of mobile games and is willing to deepen and innovate its business models. Second, Tencent realizes the lifecycle of a mobile game, including its most well-known product the Honor of Kings, is not eternal. Supply of new games has to be secured for sustainable growth and long-term profitability.