Ele.me partners with HelloBike amid escalating battle with Meituan

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饿了么宣布与哈罗单车完成入口对接,与美团的外卖之战进一步升级-Tencent Tech

What happened: Ele.me and HelloBike have moved into a new partnership for sharing the users base of each other. Users who have paid for HelloBike’s monthly service will become an Ele.me member and enjoy free food delivery service for example. Meanwhile, Ele.me service will be added to HelloBike’s main app. The partnership is on trial in five cities in Wuhan, Qingdao, Wuxi, Tianjin and Shenzhen. Ele.me disclosed that the partnership would be expanded to the whole country by mid-September.

Why it’s important: The tie-up is part of Alibaba’s efforts to integrate Ele.me into its business ecosystem since it took over the online food delivery service earlier this year. Since then, Ele.me’s business is gradually cooperating with Tmall Shop, Hema Store and Ali Health, etc. Instead of business integration, the current partnership is mainly a measure to facilitate user acquisition for Ele.me and HelloBike, helping both parties to fend off competition from their respective rivals in Meituan and Mobike/ofo.