Sexual harassment report filed by a female employee at Mobike (Image Credit: Sina Tech)

A screenshot of a letter from a Mobike female engineer containing detail accounts of sexual harassment by her superior at the company surfaced on the internet.

The female engineer who works in the SPE front-end division writes in the letter: “The manager of Mobike’s client-end and front-end division, Zhang Yaochun, has sexually harassed three female employees, including me, to varying extents and has used his authority to oppress those who act against his will.”

The female employee added that Zhang leveraged his position to recruit onto his team female employees he is interested in for the purposes of developing a romantic relationship. She recounts in detail that Zhang, married with one child, had a sexual relationship with a female employee named “qiulian” whom he recruited onto his team. The relationship eventually ended on bad terms.

The female employee hopes all Mobike will pay attention to the seriousness of this matter.

“We are not sure how many colleagues are undergoing similar frustration, and how many more there will be,” the anonymous female engineer said.

In response to the sexual harassment allegations, Mobike told TechNode that it has launched an investigation shortly after receiving the complaint.

“Mobike attaches great importance to this matter and has set up a special committee to launch a full investigation immediately after receiving a report of misconduct. The employee who was reported has been temporarily suspended, pending further investigation,” Mobike told TechNode in a written statement.

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