Deaths of two entrepreneurs reveal China’s intense work culture

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22楼跳下、猝然离世!又有两位创业者离开了我们-Sina Tech

What happened: Gan Lai, the founder and CEO of Falan Gaming, ended his life on August 8 by jumping from the 22nd floor after his third startup went bankrupt earlier this year. Meanwhile, Li Hua, founder of GooAnn and Aqniu, passed away on the same day. The sudden deaths of two entrepreneurs have sparked heated discussions about China’s work culture.

Why it’s important: The rise of China’s startup culture has attracted millions of visionaries to the start their own businesses. But being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. While trying to keep up with the intensely fast pace in China’s tech world, they are forced to work under extreme productivity practices like 996. The death of two entrepreneurs reveals the dark side of being entrepreneurs, who usually work in a high-pressure environment and literally working themselves to death. Sadly, Gan and Li aren’t the first of entrepreneurs to suffer a business-related death. Post-80’s entrepreneur Mao Kankan committed suicide in January this year. The CEO of well-known mobile healthcare startup Chunyu Doctor died of a heart attack on October 5th.