Redcore posted an official apology on WeChat after the backlash. (Image Credit: iFeng)

In response to the recent backlash over the “100% China developed” browser engine, Redcore has issued an official apology on WeChat, admitting that there, in fact, was “some degree of exaggeration” in its recent marketing and fundraising efforts. The Redcore team said they are deeply sorry for the claims they made that might have misguided the public.

“Redcore browser engine is the adaptation and innovation based on the globally-accepted open-source Chromium kernel architecture. We did not mention this clearly during our marketing campaign, which might have misled people into thinking that we built the browser engine from the ground up.”

Redcore said it should have focused more on the browser’s actual functionality and customer value, instead of insisting that it is made in China.

Redcore came into the public’s attention after reportedly raising RMB 250 million from “large public traded companies and government agencies.” The company also touted that the internet browser is used by the Chinese government and can break the US monopoly, according to CNBC. The company immediately faced criticism from Chinese netizens, after Chinese media found traces of Google’s Chrome in its software. By Thursday afternoon, all download links of the browser installer had been taken down from the company’s website.

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