China’s integrated circuit industry faces talent shortage

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中国集成电路产业人才呈稀缺状态,去年底人才缺口达32万人 – The Paper

What happened: China Center for Information Industry’s recent research shows that China ’s integrated circuit industry is facing a talent shortage. The industry will demand 720,000 specialists by 2020. By 2017, China had a talent pool of 400,000 integrated circuit specialists only, facing a shortage of 320,000.

Why it’s important: The talent shortage implies one of the barriers on China’s way to promote the domestic chip industry. Every year, only 30,000 graduates in the relevant filed entered the industry, which is far from sufficient to meet the demand. As to the experts who have entered the industry, high turnover rates are also hindering the industry, which is due to unsatisfactory average wages compared with those of the people working in finance and mobile internet.