B站恢复上架 秒拍、56视频等5款产品仍暂停上架 – Caijing

What happened: Bilibili’s month-long suspension has come to an end. The ACG-focused video app is again available for download in Chinese app stores after it was ordered removal in late July. However, five other video apps that were also temporarily suspended from app stores, including Miaopai and 56 Video, still show no signs of coming back.

Why it’s important: Bilibili was among the 19 video apps that were hit by the government’s July crackdown campaign. Content cleanups targeting social media and the entertainment apps are not something unprecedented in China, but the stakes are higher for Bilibili. The company went public in the US in March and its stock prices have been negatively affected by the temporary suspension—cut roughly in half since its June high.

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