The 2018 Asia Hardware Battle Bangalore competition was a huge success. 

After several rounds of fierce competition, we finally selected the top three hardware startups to represent Bangalore at the India finals in Delhi before selection to enter the grand final round of Asia Hardware Battle in Shanghai.

In this competition, the three startups rose above seven other startups, and proved extraordinary through a series of stringent evaluation and step-by-step screening by several prominent judges, MANOJ KUMAR AGARWAL (Managing Partner at Seafund), AZIZ JIWANI (EIR-Advisor at RevvX Accelerator), NIRANJAN SUBBARAO (Co-Founder at Cyclops Medtech), REVANT BHATE (Partner at KStart), AMRUTH PUTTAPPA (Founder & CEO at ThingsCloud), VINAY SINGH (Partner at Fireside Ventures), SANJAY SRIVASTAVA (Director of Marketing at University Program at Texas Instruments). Here are the three startups that successfully made it to the finals in Delhi this year and here are the products they presented:

Winner: Nymble

Nymble develops smart kitchen appliances that are fully automatic and easy to operate. Users simply choose their favorite recipe from a variety of menu options, feed the appliance with the necessary ingredients, and let the machine do the rest. The AI and Machine Learning backed software allows users to download and share recipes over the internet, and get cuisines from all over the world. A built-in HD Camera lets users view what’s cooking while they’re not around, a precise thermal control ensures that the food never overcooks, and advanced machine vision capabilities make sure onions are always as brown as desired.

Runner-up: Fermedicius Labs

Fermedicius Labs is a retail design and technology company that builds customer-facing automation solutions for food and beverage retail. They design and develop next-generation distribution and retail platforms to achieve the following outcomes – winning consumer experience, unparalleled retail efficiency, and sustainable supply chains. Fermedicius Labs is comprised of an interdisciplinary team with academic and on-job training in the areas of design, robotics, systems engineering, and innovation management, with members who attended India’s best science, engineering and law schools and have had brief stints at marquee global R & D firms. Their product, Juiceworx, is a first of its kind, automated beverage preparation and retail system for communities like offices, colleges, gyms, etc. where robotic beverage stations accept and fulfill beverage orders with just a few taps on the app. Juiceworx leverages robotics and IoT connectivity to prepare customized and calorie counted drinks for users and gives retailers unparalleled efficiency with minimal environmental footprint.

Third place: Vacus Tech Pvt Ltd

Vacus Tech Pvt Ltd develops wireless radio solutions, hardware modules, and reference designs that enable real-time, accurate, low power, and local area micro-location service. The accuracy obtained from their proprietary indoor positioning technology is 30 cm, with primary use cases in the domain of productivity and safety. Vacus VRF Evaluation Kit is a virtual radio fencing solution. It accurately tells the number of VRF tags present in and out of the fence.

In addition to Nymble, Fermedicius Labs, and Vacus Tech Pvt Ltd, here are the other 7 startups that appeared on the field:

Swaayat Robots
Swaayatt Robots is developing self-driving technology that works in extremely difficult traffic conditions and in unstructured environmental conditions like in India. Their technology also enables self-driving vehicles to perceive their environment using only off-the-shelf cameras, without requiring expensive LiDARs and RADARs. This reduces the price of such vehicles and robotic platforms for the end users. Their navigation technology enables self-driving vehicles to (i) navigate autonomously in completely unknown environments, with no prior maps; (ii) navigate at high speeds in environments densely cluttered with obstacles; and (iii) deal with the extremely chaotic traffic conditions like in India.

Autosync is committed to bringing technology to every vehicle to make roads safe and smart. Their product, Carpod, is a plug-n-play car smart speaker with 3-in-1 functionality: 360-degree surround sound omnidirectional powerful speakers, hands-free calls, and USB mobile charger.

Currently, for drone applications in Surveying, Mining, Oil & Gas, Surveillance and Search & Rescue, entities are forced to buy 2 separate systems to cover their entire spectrum of requirements. To target this specific problem, Redwing has created a HYBRID VTOL aerial platform which can HOVER like a helicopter and CRUISE like an airplane. Thus, Redwing’s drone offers mission versatility, lower cost, higher ROI for companies, and higher range that comes from fixed wing and attributes of a quadcopter.

Lazy Co.
Aina is an AI-powered wearable interface that redefines how people interact with connected devices and use their smartphones. Aina is a premium AI-powered smart ring that predicts what users need next and shows them the right shortcut just before on its edge display. While having breakfast, one can find a shortcut to book a cab to the office on Aina: swipe up and the cab is booked. Just before going to bed, find a shortcut to switch the light off: swipe down and the light’s off. Aina uses patented directional sound technology to let users take phone calls or talk to Alexa privately just by placing two fingertips on the ear. In addition, Aina is also a fitness tracker. Third-party developers can also build their own applications on Aina, so it becomes a safety device, a slideshow controller, or anything else they can think of.

Nautical Wings
Nautical Wings has built Gannet, a hybrid amphibious unmanned vehicle that maneuvers underwater, navigates on the water surface, and also hovers in the air. It provides the multi-disciplinary environment surveillance solution for joint operations. The essential features of this prototype are its dynamic buoyancy system, static buoyancy system, underwater propulsion system, leakage-proof pressurized vessel, autonomous underwater mode, and onboard waterproof camera.

MakerInMe Technologies Private Limited
MakerInMe’s product, Cretiles, is a modular Robotic, IoT, and Electronic modular building block kit. Cretiles are like the ‘LEGO’ of the electronics world, making an excellent tool for STEM Education. With its super-easy patent-pending technology, one doesn’t need any wiring, soldering, or programming skills. Connect Cretiles and they just work. With 36+ modules, a virtually limitless project can be made. Cretiles ignites the desire to create, experiment, tinker, try, create, build, demonstrate or prototype.

Wagr (MobiusWorks)
Wagr is a smart wearable device and a companion mobile app that makes dog parenting easier by helping take care of the safety and fitness of the dog. The device can attach to any dog collar. Wagr aims to be a single interface for everything that a dog parent needs. On the Wagr app, one can build safe zones for home or any other place that’s safe. If the dog gets lost, it lets the whole family know and helps owners navigate to their dogs and find him. Wagr has a GPS and pre-installed SIM card to make it range-worry free. With the help of motion sensors and algorithms, Wagr tracks the dog’s activity (resting, walking, playing, etc.), allowing owners to set activity goals for their dogs and track them on a regular basis. Wagr also tracks the dog’s walks. Wagr is small, light, rugged, waterproof, and can last a week on a single charge.

Next stop!

We would like to extend a big thanks to all participants, judges, and partner organizers. We couldn’t have had such a successful outcome without the help of RevvX and Airflash IOT Store for putting this together.

Nymble, Fermedicius Labs, and Vacus Tech Pvt Ltd get ready to battle it out at India Finals in Delhi on September 28th! Three teams will be competing for the top two spots that will be representing India at the Grand Finals in Shanghai. See you soon!

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