Briefing: Walmart’s mini program “Scan to Buy” has attracted over 10 million users

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借力小程序 沃尔玛扫码购用户累计破1000万 – Ebrun

What happened: International retail giant Walmart announced on September 10 that the total user number of its mini program “Scan to Buy (扫码购)” in China hit 10 million. The program was launched in April. It allows customers to skip cashier queues by scanning products’ batch codes and directly paying via digital payment software. The mini program is now available at around 300 Walmart stores in over 50 cities around China. By the end of this year, Walmart hopes to increase around 100 stores to adopt the digital solution.

Why it’s important: Walmart’s success in securing over 10 million users for smart retail payment signals a step Tencent’s mini programs have taken to cut into Alibaba-led industry ecosystem. With more autonomous power and a platform embedded in the core product WeChat, Tencent is leveraging retail businesses’ independent power to establish a diverse and flexible model which is co-existing and also competing with Alibaba’s affiliates.