Briefing: Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou to give production priority to iPhone XR

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富士康每条产线每小时生产590台新iPhone,产能优先分配iPhone XR – Jiemian

What happened: Electronics contract manufacturing company Foxconn’s factory in Zhengzhou, China, is reportedly giving production priority to Apple’s new model iPhone XR. A staff working in the factory says there are 27 production lines working 19 hours a day. Each line, with 1,200 workers, can produce 590 iPhone XRs every hour. The current production yield is 93%. The staff also says that the production is now in a shortage of good-quality aluminum back body components, and this has to be solved before the formal sales launch in October.

Why it’s important: New iPhone models were announced on September 13th with pre-orders starting on September 14th. Local positive response to the new models, particularly the dual-sim model, is expected. Amid China’s slowing economic growth, Apple’s contract partners are grabbing the chance to boost production and revenues. Whether production material deficits will affect Apple’s ability to meet demand is still unclear.