After conducting close collaborations with well-known Chinese and international companies such as C.CITIC, Explorium (affiliate company of Feng Group), Unilever, BMW, Google, and Amazon, TechNode has officially launched the Dianxin web platform, which aims to systematically provide empowering innovative services to big corporates.

As China’s most comprehensive innovation platform for technology entrepreneurship with a vast network in the global technology ecosystem, TechNode has been paying close attention to popular industries and startups with great potential. TechNode has also been dedicated to the exchange of innovative demands between startups and big corporates, enabling more innovation-driven development and leading advantages. As one of TechNode’s six major business services, TechNode Innovation focuses on providing innovation services to big corporates. Using its innovative mindset, adaptive international insights, and high service capacity, TechNode has carried out in-depth complementary cooperation with numerous national and international companies, covering a series of efforts to build an innovation ecosystem—the strategic establishment of innovation platforms, event operations, incubator operations, industrial integration, business consulting for extended industry chains, and connections between financing and investing demands. While assisting corporates with modern reform, TechNode promotes their diversity and digital upgrade as well, further propelling them to keep up with social integration and innovation.

Guided by the concept of “Reshaping the Future”, TechNode Innovation’s recently launched Dianxin contains four major industrial innovation solutions for assisting company transformation and covering an all-round ecosystem with major resource advantages.

TechNode Innovation provides companies with a full-set innovation solution that not only enables them to execute an integrated innovation ecosystem in a top-down manner, but also offers the most effective execution plan from four dimensions: consulting service focused on pain point solution in industrial innovation, startup incubation cooperation, product showcase, and talent cultivation.

Industrial innovation consulting

TechNode Innovation launches practical and constructive consulting solutions in alignment with the company’s innovation strategy. With profound insight into the transformation demand of big corporates, TechNode Innovation is capable of pulling off the cooperative matching of upstream and downstream companies for the optimization of resources.

Industrial incubator

Backed by corporate partners’ advanced technology and industry resources, TechNode Innovation provides entrepreneurs with highly efficient and convenient services to scale and prevail. While startups under incubation are getting help to establish their future-adaptive business model, large enterprises could harvest new technologies from the “Open Technology + Industry Resources” model established by TechNode Innovation.

Industrial innovation events

TechNode Innovation has always been an active promoter for big corporates to build and distribute a strong brand image through branding activities. It is highly recommended for companies to involve themselves in international innovation events to present a positive company attitude and image.

Industrial innovation talent

Answering the talent demand of corporates, TechNode Innovation scouts matching candidates in the external talent pool and completes the company’s team set-up and selection criteria.

Our successful partnerships


Unilever is a platform full of passion, providing equal opportunities for all enterprises, benefiting customers, the public, and innovators, and tackles the challenge of sustainability with a solution driven by public wisdom. Unilever launched this platform to search for innovative solutions: any startup with a big dream, technology, and digital innovation capacities will receive assistance in putting their ideas into reality.


Explorium, an affiliate company of Feng Group, takes a core role in the supply chain innovation of the new retail era. On this experimental platform, technology and innovative business models integrate seamlessly, incubating retail-related new commodities, supply plans, and services.


C.CITIC takes on a market-oriented operation to coordinate internal and external entrepreneurial resources, promote innovative business ideas and set up a sustainable startup ecosystem. Affiliate companies of CITIC will share their technological expertise and resources on C.CITIC website for better synergistic effects. Offline part of the platform will empower collected and integrated information from different sources to build up the image of “CITIC Maker”.

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