Lego and Tencent roll out new game – China Daily

What happened: Toy maker Lego and China’s tech and game giant Tencent has confirmed a partnership for a new sandbox game Lego Cube. Tencent will operate the game under Lego Group’s licence. The debut of the game is scheduled for the end of this year. Considering education’s important role in the Chinese market, Lego Cube will provide players with coding and 3D design skill-learning opportunities. Additionally, the game also requires identity and age verification to qualify a player to play.

Why it’s important: The cooperation with Lego may be Tencent’s start to increase cooperation with existing children’s entertainment and toy enterprises, to diversify revenue portfolio and navigate Beijing’s increasingly tight content check. Meanwhile, adding educational elements to entertainment content is an approach to ease the market’s anxiety over the negative results games are going through currently.

Runhua Zhao

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